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Christmas Markets

Christmas Decoration Set

Christmas Decoration Set

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Transform your festive table setting with a touch of European and American elegance using our Christmas  set.

 Crafted from premium wool non-woven fabric, this set is not only stylish but also durable. Whether you're drawn to the sophisticated grey and white bag or the vibrant red and white variant, there's a design tailored to elevate your festive decor. Each set, sized with a bag of 13x28 and an upper section of 45x12 (with 45 being the total length when the hat is stretched), promises a snug fit for your bottle. The semi-manual and semi-mechanical craftsmanship ensures attention to detail, while the bright colours and Christmas elements add a touch of holiday magic. Weighing a mere 53g and packed in a single bag, it's the perfect addition to any Christmas gathering, be it at home or a hotel. Dive into the festive spirit, and let your bottles shine in style. Order now and let the merriment begin!

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