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Cutie Christmas Plushie

Cutie Christmas Plushie

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The festive season is almost here and what better way to start the holiday mood than with the Cutie Christmas Plushie!

This cute and cuddly Cinnamoroll design features a soft, huggable body perfect for gifting. The plushie has an idyllic base of red furry fabric that will bring holiday cheer into your home. In addition, it has big eyes, a pink nose, and adorably long ears that add to its cuteness. The overall size is about 8 inches making it an ideal size for laying down on your bed or curling up with beside you in a chair. Moreover, this plushie also makes for an excellent gift for any special someone during these joyous times. So don't hesitate and grab one today to enjoy this jolly holiday season!

Size: 25cm
Filling: PP Cotton

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