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Christmas Traditions in Spain

Christmas Traditions in Spain

Christmas is a magical time of year, and each country has its own unique traditions and customs. In Spain, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy, with a blend of religious and festive traditions. Let's explore some of the most cherished Christmas traditions in Spain

Nativity Scenes

One of the most important Christmas traditions in Spain is the creation of elaborate nativity scenes, known as 'Belenes.' These nativity scenes can be found in churches, public squares, and even in people's homes. They often depict not only the typical nativity scene with the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph but also include an entire village, complete with shepherds, animals, and even local landmarks.

Christmas Eve Celebrations

In Spain, Christmas Eve is known as 'Nochebuena' and is a night of celebration and feasting with family and friends. It is customary to attend a midnight Mass, called 'La Misa del Gallo' (The Rooster's Mass), which marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities. After the Mass, families gather to enjoy a hearty meal together, often consisting of traditional dishes such as roasted lamb, seafood, and sweets like 'turron' (a nougat made with almonds and honey).

The Christmas Lottery

The Spanish Christmas Lottery, known as 'El Gordo' (The Fat One), is one of the most anticipated events of the holiday season. It is the world's oldest lottery and has been held annually since 1812. The draw takes place on December 22nd, and the winning numbers are sung by schoolchildren on live television. The top prize is enormous, and winning it is considered a life-changing event for the lucky winners. Many people in Spain buy lottery tickets as part of their Christmas tradition, hoping to strike it rich.

Three Kings' Day

In Spain, the Christmas season extends beyond December 25th. On January 6th, the country celebrates 'Dia de los Reyes' (Three Kings' Day), also known as Epiphany. This day commemorates the visit of the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus. The night before, children leave their shoes out in anticipation of gifts from the Three Kings. On the day of the Epiphany, vibrant parades known as 'Cabalgatas' take place in many towns and cities, with the Three Kings throwing candies and small gifts to the crowds.


Christmas in Spain is a time of deep-rooted traditions and joyful celebrations. From the intricate nativity scenes to the delicious feasts, the Spanish Christmas traditions truly immerse people in the holiday spirit. Whether you are admiring the Belenes, sharing a meal with loved ones on Nochebuena, or eagerly awaiting the Christmas Lottery draw, the traditions of Spain make Christmas a truly special time of year.

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